Bash Script for Renewing Let’s Encrypt Certificates

Lets Encrypt is a great certificate generator for servers requiring HTTPS support (and let’s face it, it should be 100% of websites by now). Instructions on how to set up Let’s Encrypt are easy enough to follow, but renewing certificates when the time comes can be tedious.

I don’t currently auto-renew my certificates, but I do certify a bunch of domains on my server. I use a simple bash script to shut down my nginx server, renew each certificate, and then restart the web server after everything is ready. Check it out:


domains=("" "" "")

echo "Stopping Nginx..."
sudo service nginx stop

for domain in "${domains[@]}"
    echo "-> Renewing domain $domain"
    sudo letsencrypt -d $domain certonly

echo "Starting Nginx..."
sudo service nginx start

Simply write this to a file, and then set the file as executable: chmod +x Make sure to place your domains in the domains array.